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Continue to Fight with Epidemic
Since December 7th, in the face of the epidemic raid and the closure of Ningbo Zhenhai District, the cadres and staffs of Ningshing Tank Terminal have resolutely obeyed the government's epidemic prevention and control requirements, strictly implemented the arrangements of nucleic acid test, isolation and prevention, focused on tank operation, epidemic prevention in key areas, and made every effort to ensure the life safety of employees. The General Manager of the company made overall arrangements at the first time, arranged personnel on duty and production operations, and handled special passes for employees in time to ensure the normal development of production and operation. At the same time, he cared about employees' daily lives and emotions, arranged accommodation for employees who could not go home and stick to the front line, and gave them the warmest guarantee.Mr. Ying Tiejun, Manager of the tank management department, said, "In special times, I need to stay in the tank area to deal with all kinds of situations that will happen at any time". Although the biggest problem was the shortage of employees, all the staff who arrived at the post had no complaints and worked 24 hours in a row to jointly resist the epidemic with practical actions.At the same time, due to the closure of Zhenhai, the transportation was blocked, and the company's goods failed to be delivered in place, which led to the severe situation that many polyester-related enterprises in Ningbo area were faced with shutdown. The company actively arranged relevant employees to make every effort to stabilize customers' mood. At the same time, through the assistance from the headquarters, it actively and timely put forward suggestions to Ningbo Municipal People's Congress, Economic and Information Bureau and relevant departments in Zhenhai district, applied for special passes for relevant polyester chemical enterprises, established a green channels, helped related factories to continue production and ensured the stability of the industrial chain.During the 14 days in the closure of Zhenhai, the cadres and employees of Ningshing Tank Terminal fought against the epidemic situation, raced against time, overcame various difficulties, and won this extraordinary epidemic war, showed the excellent quality of Ningshing staffs.
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