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Ningshing was honorably enlisted in the Ningbo Foreign Trade Contribution List
On February 3, 2021, the Ningbo Municipal Government solemnly convened the "Fighting ‘225’ and Departing in the New Year"-Ningbo Foreign Trade Conference at the Municipal Administrative Conference Center. The conference released the 2020 Honor List of Ningbo Foreign Trade Enterprises, commending a group of foreign trade enterprises which have made remarkable achievements and outstanding contributions in the defense of the city's foreign trade growth in 2020. Ningshing Holdings was selected as the highest honor list "List of Stable Foreign Trade Contributions".President Huang Yongzeng attended the conference on behalf of Ningshing Holdings, and made a speech at the conference as a representative of key foreign trade enterprises. In his speech, President Huang Yongzeng said that in 2020, Ningshing Holdings actively responded to the impact of the epidemic, took multiple measures and made more efforts to strengthen the integrated operation of trade, industry and research, and accelerated the development of new business models and models of foreign trade. In the new year, Ningshing Holdings will seize the opportunities of the new development pattern, continue to leverage its diversified professional development advantages, deepen the integrated operation of trade, industry and research, support each other in domestic and foreign trade, strengthen the docking of the industrial chain, enhance the connotation of foreign trade, and contribute to the high-quality development of foreign trade of Ningbo.
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